Bruno Rixen invented water skiing in the 1960s, creating a new sport: water skiing without a boat. In this way he wanted to make this wonderful sport accessible to the general public and make it economically marketable. Many technical problems had to be overcome in the beginning. Above all, Bruno Rixen's engineering skills and endurance are to be thanked for the marketability and high level of safety of the water ski cabelway. Under his lead the company Rixen Cableway GmbH developed to the world market leader for water ski cableways.

In 2018 Bruno Rixen went into well-deserved retirement after having found a suitable successor. Dr. Richard Söhnchen, a water sports enthusiast, bought the Rixen assets and has been running the company as part of the Autision Group ever since.

The Group with more than 150 employees is an association of independent, mediumsized companies with complementary competences in robotics, measuring technology and surface inspection.

Dr. Richard Söhnchen's mission is to further develop Bruno Rixen's invention and to maintain his ideals and goals within the company.

„As CEO and owner I am proud to further develop our sport on the basis of Bruno Rixen‘s achievements. We want to assure your investment security as the market leader for waterski and wakeboard cableways. Convince yourself of the possibilities of RIXEN Cableway GmbH.“ 

Dr. Richard Söhnchen about Bruno Rixen's vision

In this video Richard Söhnchen shows his passion for wakeboarding and why we as the Rixen team continue to live the vision of Bruno Rixen. RIXEN stands for the invention of the waterski cableway and has made wakeboarding and waterskiing possible for millions of people.
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