As a Munich-based company we have developed from the inventor of waterski cableways to the globally operating RIXEN Cableway Group.

Specialised in the production and distribution of Full Size Cables, the tailor-made planning of integrated cablepark projects as well as the support in approval process and realisation of new cableways. RIXEN Cableway has made a name for itself worldwide as market leader.

We make water sports attractively accessible to all population groups and create a sustainable awareness for the valuable resource water.

Our Cableparks are an enrichment for your region, your project and your investment - sustainable, future-oriented and resource-saving.

We put the 17 UN goals for sustainable development into action.

Quality Education – Edutainment

Children and youths have the opportunity to discover their passion in water sports in a Rixen Cablepark. A great opportunity is given to them - away from the mobile phone - to being active in a safe environment. It is a matter close to our heart to combine the awareness of the valuable good of water with sport and fun: Edutainment (Education + Entertainment)

Gender Equality

Wakeboarding is a sport that promotes gender equality. Our partner, the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) awards the same prize money in competitions for men and women, which is not a matter of course in many other sports. "Wakeboarding for everyone" is our mission, which we have stood for since 1961.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Our Cableways blend discreetly into the landscape. The engine runs electrically, there are no CO2 emissions on site. In addition, the water quality is improved sustainably and significantly by enriching the water with oxygen.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

As a tourist attraction, the Rixen Cablepark attracts many people, which contributes to a long-term increase in the economic profitability of a region and can create jobs in structurally weak regions.

Sustainable Cities and Community

A Rixen Cablepark offers people a regional family-friendly leisure destination. In cities and conurbations, it is a safe meeting point and recovery place for all age groups. Here, a sustainable strong community of individuals is formed who enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

Please contact us to learn more about other goals.

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