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Passion for our sport means for us to fascinate young kids for our sport. Before Bruno Rixens invention, waterskiing without a boat was unthinkable. Bruno imagination lasts until today and tomorrow. Also from the ecological point of view:

  • Our electrical motor is emission free, e-mobility on water
  • Riders move the water: rising oxygen content and water movement improve the lake quality

Besides Waterskiing and Wakeboarding became affordable with our systems and opened up new opportunities at locations, that had never been possible to be used with waterski motorboats.

As the sole shareholder and CEO of RIXEN Cableway GmbH, I would like to tell you about our strategy and vision.

The group consists of independent companies with over 150 employees operating in special machine construction for robotics and measurement technology. Over the last 5 years the group has been honored with 10 innovation Awards.

Rixen and Winspect have outstanding expertise in the ropeway market. Winspect GmbH has important skills in control technology and cable testing. It is a world leading inspection system for cables in ropeways and mines.

The combination of Rixen and Winspect offers us new markets and new clients - a perfect combination.

As CEO and owner I am proud to further develop our sport on the basis of Bruno Rixens achievements.

Please feel free to contact me and my staff. As the market leader for waterski cable ropeways, we want to assure your investment security in the future. Convince yourself of the possibilities of RIXEN Cableway GmbH.

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