Our vision - Our goals for sustainable development

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations (UN) has defined political objectives that are intended to ensure sustainable development worldwide at the economic, social and ecological levels. We too have made this our mission and want to be part of a sustainable world.


Therefore we concentrate on the following goals:

  • Goal 4: "Quality Education"
    • Promoting basic exercise and sports education for children an youth
    • Providing accessibility to sports for all citizens
    • Developing sports for excellence and professional success
    • Developing the sport industry to create economic value
    • Enchanting sports management effectiveness
    • Fostering sports knowledge capital and innovation
  • Goal 5: "Gender equality"
    • Women love the sport, its athletic like ballet and also an action sport
    • In an effort to encourage participation in competitive events amongst women and recognizing their efforts, dedication and skills, the IWWF decided to award the female cable riders and skiers on the podium (top 3) with the same prize money as the men.“IWWF is making history with this decision about equal prize money for female and male riders! I think you can definitely call it a milestone in the history of wakeboarding and it is a big step in the right direction.” said Julia Rick winner of the women’s cable wakeboard event.
  • Goal 6: "Clean water and sanitation"
    • Cableway Water-skiing has a positive impact on the quality of the water; The reason is the sputtering of the water by wakeboarders and water-skiers causing a high insertion of oxygen into the water.
    • The clean and quiet electric engine, on the other hand, does not cause any kind of pollution. As a result, lakes with a water-ski cableway have exceptionally good measurement results and fishers observe that fish grow particularly well.
  • Goal 7: "Affordable and clean energy"
    • Traditional water-skiing behind a boat its limited to only pull one person at the time.
    • Cable Full Size System can pull up to 16 people at the same time.
    • Cable Water-skiing is the most efficient and environmental friendly way to practise the sport, Allowing multiple people at the same time.
    • A modern wakeboard / waterski cableway loses less than 20 % of the energy to friction, so at least 80 % of the energy is used for sputtering the water. Each rider uses an average amount of 4 kW of energy.
    • Non fuel consumption.
  • Goal 8: "Decent work and economic growth"
    • Cable parks develop new job opportunities: Cable Mechanics, Cable Operators, Cable instructors pulse all the areas that related with the costumers like Reception, Pro-Shop, Restaurant area, water safety (lifeguards)
    • This jobs are normally preform by young people, it doesn't require advance studies its more about experience and ability.
    • Travel Opportunities.
  • Goal 10: "Reduce inequalities"
    • The sport is friendly with beginners, it’s a sport that can be learned in less than 30 min.
    • Woman & Men have the same opportunities to practice the sport at a professional level (IWWF equal price money)
    • Its can be practice by all kinds of abilities.
    • “Democratising Water-ski”
  • Goal 11: "Sustainable cities and communities"
    • A Cable park main idea is to create a Outdoors Recreational Center surrounded by divers number of activities, at the same time generating awareness for water and green areas.
    • Development for Sports on the community being on a recreational manner or professional a large number of disciplines can be practice on the same site such as: Rafting, Triathlon, Swimming, Skate parks and many others. Providing all kinds of deferent sport disciplines to the community. Generating groups of people how enjoy outdoor sports and activities.
  • Goal 13: "Climate action"
    • Reduce de number of boats on rivers and lakes and increment the number of participants of the sport
    • Cable Parks produce zero CO2 emotions.
    • Generate awareness for water quality and green areas.
    • A Cable Park can be used to restored Green areas, generating their own income to preserve and improve the green areas where they are installed improving the quality of the water.
  • Goal 14: "Life below water"
    • Water Quality Improvement by Rixen Cableway
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