Technics and high reliability

Due to our advanced technics and due to the high reliability, most investors worldwide choose a Rixen Full Size Cable

High profitability and ecologically 

Up to 12 skiers or wakeboarders can use a cableway at the same time. They can ride per day more than 4000 kilometers (2500 miles). A capacity that you could cope only with 30 motor boats and 90 employees on a water area of 60 hectars (222 acres). The cableway needs only 4 hectars (10 acres)!

The electric drive guarantees that water and air are not polluted. Instead biological endan- gered lakes get oxygenated by the sputtered water from the skiers and will be regenerated. The Rixen cableway fits in every landscape. Its inconspicuousness amazes every visitor.

Artificial lakes, on rivers and on the sea

We build cableways – everywhere: in lakes, on rivers or in the sea.

Superior to this are artificial lakes which could be build in leisure parks, close to cities or tourist centres. They can be made where you want, customised and most likely pairwise. In the last years about 10 out of 20 cableways have been installed pairwise.

Result: A Rixen cableway is an investment that pays off

  • For communes to offer their citizens an spare time alternative that doesn’t need benefits and which earns the communes taxes
  • For the leisure park manager as it makes his park more attractive
  • For the investor because of the good return of investment
  • For all because they support a sport which is one of the most loveliest spar time amusements