New developments for your cable

11.03.2020 - Are you also tired of ball ropes not being picked up perfectly by the elevator gripper every now and then? We have now taken an analytical approach to this topic and developed completely new lift grippers for smooth operation. This transfer interface has now been optimised by the fact that the lift grippers move parallel over the catch fork and thus securely grip the ball rope. In addition, the lift grippers have been given a new shape and are milled from lightweight aluminium (80% less weight). This leads to less sag in the elevator and a more precise transfer into the magazine. With significantly fewer components, the elevator gripper is now much less maintenance. Order your new lift gripper directly in our webshop.
Besides there are new developments of slide rope nuts and tread plates, more information will follow soon.
Of course this is always done under the motto "Original spare parts by Rixen ensure your safety and quality", so play it safe with the original Rixen spare parts.