Success Story - Hip-Notics Cable Park, Turkey

26.07.2021 - Baris Özoral (Manager of Hip-Notics Cable Park) talks in an interview about RIXEN

Hip-Notics Cable Park in Antalya, Turkey, founded in 2008, is one of the most popular and successful cableparks worldwide. It is located 30 min from the International Airport.

The park includes two RIXEN Full Size Cables, two RIXEN 2-Pylon Systems, accommodation next to the cable, restaurant, hot tub, sauna, pool, beach area with volleyball court and even a small avocado and orange plantation. The area is spread over 90.000 sqm of land. All of the four RIXEN cableways are built on artificial lakes.  

The park is a hotspot for pro-riders, as well as for families and beginners. Hip-Notics is well known for its nice park setup and outstanding hospitality. 

The founders of Hip-Notics Cable Park decided for RIXEN because they wanted to profit from the inventor´s experience. More details about the installation and founding of the cablepark in the Interview-Video.

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