27.05.2021 - RIXEN Raft for efficient and especially safe installation and maintenance work

Whether during the installation or maintenance, the RIXEN assembly raft facilitates your work both on the mast and on the flying pulley. Above all it provides safety for your employees.

The following safety aspects are covered by the RIXEN assembly raft:
  • The raft is 6x6m in size and thus lies stably in the water. The floats are built into solid boxes, which also provides extra stability for unevenly distributed loads.
  • The assembly raft is easy to position in the lake and easy to anchor with two integrated winches with 4m chain and 20m rope and anchor.
  • The tower, which can be extended to 10 metres, has a ladder and a working platform and can be easily adjusted in height by using a cable winch.
  • A certified fall protection system ensures the highest level of safety for you and your employees. The fall arrest harness is provided by the customer himself, in accordance with local laws.
  • The top swivelling outrigger of the fall protection can also be used to pull up loads such as tools.
  • Safe and durable anti-slip floor covering prevents slipping in wet conditions.
  • The centre piece of the floor, made of plywood, is removable for anchor work.
  • Safe working cage with railing, anti-slip covering with lockable access hatch
  • The raft fulfils the safety standards for working at height, including static calculations and safety certificates.
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