Success Stories - "Hooksieler Skiterrassen"

30.01.2020 - Every month we would like to introduce you to one of our customers, today "Hooksieler Skiterrassen" in Germany:

"The Skiterrassen are an event location situated at the coast of Germanys northern sea.

The Full-Size Cable, which was built in 1980, ranks among the first of its kind in Germany. Starting out as a small family business, it is now a mid-sized company. In Addition to the wake park and to other water sports activities such as the Aqua Park, Stand-Up-Paddleboarding or the beach area, you'll find a big restaurant equipped with a big terace overlooking the water, a wedding location and much more.

While building the cable park waterskiing at a cable was still in its infancy. The future and profitability were yet to be determined. Because of this, it was even more important to have trust. Not only in Bruno's vision, but also in Rixen as a company. It was a key element in working together. In conjuction with Rixen, the wake park was planned and built. But to this day, Rixen is an important partner when it comes to running the cable smoothly. Be it through their spare part supply, consultations over technical aspects or staff Trainings, which all contributes to a safe work environment.

Through this long-lasting partnership, a 2-mast system joined the Full-Size Cable in 2013. Profiting quickly and adding to smooth operations of the daily business."

- Statement Hans-Ott Vogt and Anja Seidl-Vogt, Owners of Hooksieler Skiterrassen

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