Success Stories - "Wake Family Brwinów"

27.02.2020 - Every month we would like to introduce you to one of our customers, today "Wake Family Brwinów" in Poland:

"I am an avid kitesurfer. When there was no wind at the Polish seaside, I used to stop at a wake park 2,5 hours away from Warsaw. This was one of the first Rixen cables in Poland. I was surprised that there was no Full-Size Cable close to Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

My ambition was to build a family friendly wake park in Warsaw with clear water and green surroundings. It wasn't easy to find such a place close to the big city. In 2013, I built my first wake park with two 2-mast systems around 30 minuntes from Warsaw city center, Wake Family Trzciany. In 2017, I managed to open the first, and so far the only, Full-Size Cable near Warsaw - Wake Family Brwinów.

 I am happy that so many people thouroughly enjoy coming to my wake park. They don't have to travel far and our wake park helps  developing friendships and acquaintances."

- Statement Marek Malachowski, Owner of Wake Family Brwinów und Trzciany

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