Success Stories - "Rancho Avandaro"

13.12.2019 - Every month we would like to introduce you to one of our customers, today "Rancho Avandaro" in Mexico:

"Rancho Avandaro is a leisure club situated in the heart of Mexico. It offers a variety of outdoor sports such as golf, tennis, equestrian and water sports.

The ideas for a cable park and a canal for waterski were introduced to up numbers on members joining the club and make it more appealing.
We chose Rixen as our partner because their experience and know-how as the market leader in Full Size Cables gave us the safety we wanted and needed. Not only in reliability, but also in security. Their parts are high-quality, so we can ensure that the cable is always running smoothly and our customers are satisfied. Since our club is very exclusive, our clients expect only top notch attractions. From the layout, to the design up until safety, Rixen has met ours and the clients standards.

Since our partnership with them was so successfull, increasing not only membership numbers but also demand for on-site lots and houses, we are currently planning a second cable park, which will meet the high inquiries we are facing right now and gives us the oppurtunity to reach the potential Mexico City as the closest major city has."

- Statement Carlos Otero, Wake Park Developer, Rancho Avandaro

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