Success Stories - "Area 47"

14.11.2019 - Every month we would like to introduce you to one of our customers, today "Area 47" in Austria:

"AREA 47 is one of the biggest outdoor playgrounds in Austria, founded in 2009.

What makes our cable park so special? There is no other wake park in the midst of the mountains that’s comparable to ours. From looking at the water emerges a Caribbean feeling and the sportive opportunities at AREA 47 and its surroundings are unique. Where else can you snow- and wakeboard all in one day?

AREA 47 is a hotspot for adventurers and a paradise for water-lovers. We offer over 40 different sports activities on over 95.000m². In 2012 we built our 2-mast system, in 2016, the Full-Size Cable joined. Since then, wakeboarders from all over the world pack their bags and discover our unique range of sports, thrills and adventure.

Since the beginning it was a given that we’d be working with RIXEN. After all, Bruno Rixen is THE pioneer concerning cable parks. Additionally, the geographical proximity to Munich helps us considerably with problems at short notice. The competent team of RIXEN is always happy to help and tries to fix technical difficulties as fast as possible. Often even trying to first-diagnose via phone and then send required spare parts directly afterwards."

- Statement Christian Schnöller, CEO of Area 47

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