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Wakepark features - the features you desire!

We love water-products > Research and development of became one of the central pillars of our technical department. We are continuously developing the best possible shapes with our engineers, technicians and our team riders. Those new shapes are going through an endurance test and are optimized to deliver rider friendly and durable features to our customers. Furthermore our features are officially certified for international competitions.

Our Homogeneous features are produced through a plastic welding process, which guarantees long maintenance-free operations. Rounded edges and screw-free constructions characterize our complete features line and set standards in operational safety.

The UV-resistant, white and shatterproof PE-surface offers better gliding properties than other surfaces due to its lower friction. In addition the improved tread stiffness feature even less corrugation. These solutions offer a high security standard and minimize injuries. This results in more ride comfort and pleasure for your customers.

The large white side surfaces offer plenty of space for your corporate design, or the design of your sponsors. We are happy to help you realize your own design.

Wakepark design

Based on your individual cablepark we can provide advice regarding the best positions for your features. Choose from our wide range of features to create a unique selling proposition. Optionally we can support and advise you throughout the entire planning process and realization of your wakepark. All existing customers use their feature set up as an attraction point for their riders. Most park owners change the position of the features to give their park a new setup on a regular basis.

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