Waterski & wakeboard cableways

We offer you 5 or 6 pylon cableways for any type of water. If you want to build a cableway on a lake, the sea, a river or a lagoon, a storage lake or an artificial lake – we offer you the adapted solution and product which meets your specific requirements.

Wakeboarding and Waterskiing at Full Size Cable

A cableway has 5 or 6 pylons. Pairs of deflecting pulleys are attched on the tower arms. The drive, including the coupling and decoupling mechanism is attached to one of these 13-15m long pylons. The skier`s tow ropes are coupled in carriers, which are fixed at the main cables.

The start ramp is in right angle to the running cables and the starting skier will be slowly accelerated. This is one of the patented solutions from Rixen. The skier will be pulled in perfect acceleration. He can carve turns under the running cable; ride slalom, ski, wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboard, etc. Wakeboarders can jump perfectly or perform tricks on ramps, rails or kickers.


The distance between the riders is 70 to 90m. The track is 45m wide. Suitable waters should have a minimum width of 90m and a minimum length of 170m to offer a profitable operation of the cableway. The minimum water depth is 1m and in the starting area 1,20m, demanded by the TÜV (Technical Control Board).

Depending on the available water area a cable length of 400 to 1500m is possible. The average cableway has a length of 600 to 900m. The requirement for national and international water ski championships, slalom and skijump is a distance of 310m between 2 pylons. For wakeboard championships shorter distances and also clockwise cables are allowed.

Starting area

The starting area of a cableway is the central location. This is where large numbers of visitors and spectators can watch the starting rider every 10 seconds. It`s essential to plan and build the start area with a best positioned concession and a pro shop. Due to our over 55 year long experience we can offer you best layouts for a profitable customized starting area and starting building.

Individual wishes

Floating walkways, kickers and funboxes complement our product range and can be added to your cableway anytime.

Product safety

The Rixen are product certified by the TÜV (German Technical Control Board) and build for hardest operating conditions.

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