The online booking and management solution that has been tailor-made in cooperation with park owners for cableparks!

Along with WakeSys, we have made it our mission to develop an easily managed ticketing system where customers can independently reserve and buy tickets, group bookings and event passes on their smartphone, tablet or computer. The result is a customized ticketing system for cableway operators who want to simplify and automate their daily routines. 

Registered customers can buy a day pass in advance online and upon arrival head straight to the launch area without the need for check-in.  After that they only need to have their RFID arm band scanned by the launch attendant. WakeSys monitors whether the customer has a valid pass for that day and displays all key information such as photo, age, name and type of card on a waterproof touch screen for the attendant.

If customers want to take a break, they can head for the pro shop or the kiosk and use their prepaid account to buy food, beverages or new equipment. But we did not develop these features just to make your customer’s experience easier – they also do the same for you and your employees! WakeSys takes care of your inventory control, billing, GT&Cs, warning notices, data access and audits and much more.

Features for You as Operator:

  • Complete and fully integrated software solutions
  • Automated processes
  • Automated billing
  • RFID ticketing and prepayment system
  • Detailed statistics and employee monitoring
  • Able to meet client-specific requirements

More information at www.wakesys.com

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